International Seminars
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International Management Seminars

International SeminarsaccentVirtual “International Management Seminars” provide an opportunity to discuss professional matters, present ideas, discuss specialist problems or examine corporate case studies online with four or five other managers or professionals based in other countries around the world. This can be either inside one organization or across different organizations.

So, for example, once every month on a Tuesday evening, a Marketing Manager in Paris can meet via accentVirtual with a Marketing Manager in Madrid, one in Helsinki, another in Beijing and finally one in Prague – and discuss contemporary trends in Marketing.

Or a Corporate Finance Director in Frankfurt can spend one hour on a Saturday morning every two weeks, discussing Performance Trends, examining Cash Flow case studies, simulating Board Meetings to discuss the Annual Report – together with other Corporate Finance Directors – in Moscow, in Stockholm, in Milan and in Tokyo.

All of this is prepared, facilitated, monitored and recorded by an accentVirtual expert who will ensure the meetings work effectively.  The content of the sessions and the date and time of each session is agreed amongst the participants.


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